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Are you currently suffering from dental erosion? Are you aware of what the main risks of it are? Dental erosion is the process by which your tooth enamel has begun to wear down. Tooth enamel is the thin protective layer on our teeth that exists to protect the inner workings of a tooth, including the dentin and pulp. If the inner part of a tooth becomes exposed, infection and tooth failure are likely.

Tooth enamel is broken down in a variety of ways. However, it is most commonly damaged from an oral accident or dental erosion. When plaque buildup begins to occur in your mouth, harmful bacteria can use ingredients such as sugar to create harmful acids that eat away and erode our precious tooth enamel. Thus, to keep your smile safe, it is important to keep a clean mouth and avoid products that are high in sugar and acids.

Oral accidents are often caused by physical damage. When physical damage happens to your teeth, they can easily chip, crack, split, fray, or break. If your tooth enamel breaks, your teeth will be exposed. Thus, protect your teeth at all times by wearing appropriate safety gear and equipment if necessary, and exercise caution with all activities that could potentially prove harmful.

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