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The staff and hygienists are very friendly and responsive, the office is really nice/new/clean, and they do a thorough job while still being prompt in all phases. Scheduling is easy and they offer all kinds of electronic reminders. Dr. Lann also went out of his way for us when our toddler had a dental emergency. That’s just an example of the very personal level of service this office provides.

Danny A.
Mar 31, 2015

I left there with not just my mouth feeling better; but my spirit as well. Thanks!

Apr 1, 2015

Dr. Lann and staff are always amazing! They are super friendly and efficient. I would recommend him to anyone!

Jennifer H.
Mar 31, 2015

Best service I have ever received anywhere. They listened to my concerns carefully and gave me information about my whole mouth, not just my teeth. I need more dental work done and I wouldn’t go anywhere else and highly recommend Dr. Lann and his staff.

Katherine P.
Mar 18, 2015

I highly recommend Dr. Lann and his staff. They strive to make your visit as comfortable and painless as possible and they do not rush the appointment, they take their time explaining everything.

Mary C.
Mar 15, 2015

Dr. Lann has been our family dentist for 13 years. His office is always friendly, on time, and makes us feel at ease. I love that Dr. Lann can handle all treatments himself!

Ariana B.
Mar 12, 2015

StarStarStarStarStar I was impressed by the high level of professionalism present at their offices — Brandon V.

I was impressed by the high level of professionalism present at their offices. Almost zero wait time, friendly and highly knowledgeable staff.

Nov 3, 2014




“I don’t enjoy the dentist in general but they made my experience great.”



“Not one person gave me anything less than exceptional service.”


“Dr. Lann is attentive, responsive, and extremely skilled.”

Phyllis P.

“Dr. Lann,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me my smile back.  You have no idea how happy I am with the dental work that you have done over the years for my different needs and  to smile like this again is the best feeling in the world.  It seems my need for a dentist is the weekend or  holidays and you have always returned my calls much to my relief. From day one I have been treated so well by all of your staff and I don’t think you could have anyone better by your side than April.  Thank you for showing me the care and compassion that you have and know I have a beautiful smile on my face.


Jan R.”

“Friendly staff, pleasant atmosphere, conservative dental practice.”


“Felt very welcomed as a new patient.”


“Honest Dr., friendly staff”

Samantha D.

“High tech operation”


“Absolutely no complaints!”

Brian L.

“Level of comfort and ease , both physically and emotionally, is the best I’ve ever experienced.”


“Dear Dr. Lann & ladies of the office,

Words cannot express how grateful we are for your kindness and thoughtfulness when we were scared about our baby’s tooth being injured.  Your care for your patients is unmatched and we are so grateful to be your patients.  (My husband is switching to you!)



“Easy appointment setting.”

“One only needs to realize that I have been seeing Dr. Lann for over 18 years without any complaints to merit.  All 5’s!”

Charles P.

“Always very thorough yet careful as well as being in a good mood. (which is very helpful in easing any anxiety.)”

G. W.

“Convenient location to my home.”


“Friendly, knowledgable staff, location, nice office, confidence in treatment.”


“Very gentle and professional.  No pressure to do cosmetic procedures.”

Joyce S.

“The people are great!  Very nice.  Everything is great- been coming to Dr. Lann for 13 years and always have great service for me and my family.”

Carolyn R.

“The professionalism.  After not going to the dentist for over 5+ years due to bad past experiences at other offices.  I actually now look forward to coming to your office.  The professionalism and great customer service has definitely changed my opinion about dentist visits.  Your office sets the bar for which other offices should strive for.”

Aaron S.

“Taking blood pressure.  Of course it’s going to be elevated when coming to the dentist. Y’all make it sound like y’all won’t treat me if it’s too high.”    S.B.      Dr. Lann’s reply-  “We take blood pressure on each patient before treatment begins to assure your safety.  As a member of your healthcare team, it is extremely important to make note of any changes in your health, including high blood pressure.  If your blood pressure is higher than 160/100, no treatment will be performed until a safe meausurement can be recorded.  Many patients have no idea they have hypertension, and it is often found during a routine dental visit.  If you only have high blood pressure when visiting our office, there are ways to relax you so your blood pressure will return to normal.”

“Professional as well as warm and friendly.  Everyone is patient and caring.  All is good.”

Diane W.

“Always friendly, helpful professional.  I have come here for years and have no hesitation referring you to my friends.”


“Everything is always great”

Jim C.

“Convenience, good service & advice”

John R.

“Friendly, helpful Don’t have to wait!  Love the toothbrushes in bathroom-helpful!”

Lisa Z.

“You guys are AWESOME!”

Dave T.

“Friendly staff, good conversations”

Don D.

“People are great”


What do you like best about our dental practice?  “level of skill everyone has”  “Nice new office, nice staff and once again the high skill level.”

R. R.

Dr. Lann’s office is “still a great office for our family.”

Priscilla D.

What do you like best about our dental practice?  “How friendly everyone is!”


“Always willing to answer my questions during exam.  I can’t complain!”

K. R.

“Had a bad experience in the past. Was told what was “wrong” with me!  Your no judgement policy is a huge positive.”

Tony S.

“Thorough cleaning, exams and always available when needed or for urgent situations.  Scheduling and reminders are excellent!”

August Y.

“Friendly and very gentle!  You all do a great job.”

Pamela M.

“Friendly, efficient, modern”

Marc S.

“They always take the time to catch up and see how I am doing!  Wonderful Dentistry!! 🙂 ”


“Convenience & locatation. Staff professionalism and thoroughness”  “No negatives”

Jack C.

“Staff andDr. Lann always so great!  Patient, knowlegable and caring.  Have had emergencies on weekends(unfortunately!) and Dr. Lann opened office up just to take care of.  Just keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep recommending new patients.”

Beth G.

“They actually care about me and my situations and help me get the work done I need when I  can do it.  Keep up the great job!!”


“I previously reviewed Dr. Lann – now reviewing the Stonegate Dentistry practice.
I have always had fear of the dentist because of bad experiences.  When I visited Dr. Lann the first time, it was after not seeing a dentist for 3-4 years (embarassed!).  I was nervous and fully expected pain considering I hadn’t been in so long and also because I had always experienced pain a the dentist.
Dr. Lann and Rachel were AMAZING.  No pain, super friendly, professional, thorough, and patient.  They took their time, explained everything, let me ask questions, etc.
I have been a patient for about 2 years now and unfortunately today, I had my first cavity which resulted in a filling.  I actually lost a piece of tooth so I was nervous about what they would have to do.  They did everything painlessly and made me extremely comfortable.  This treatment was provided by Dr. Lann and April.  I couldn’t be happier.

I would recommend this practice to ANYONE.  If I ever move, I would still drive to Stonegate for their superior, friendly, professional service.”

Lyla A

Round Rock, Texas

“Dr. Lann has been my family’s dentist for 7 years.  He is very personable and makes dental work a breeze.  He has always been honest and upfront with what needs to be done without being pushy or trying to sell on me.  He has pulled my kids teeth out and filled cavities for them – and they walked out smiling and laughing.”

Kristen B.

“I have a horrid phobia of the dentist, Dr. Lann is the first I don’t fear. I am always treated with respect, allowed to ask questions and he deals with my anxiety with grace. He doesn’t push me into anything. He tells me once that something should be taken care of and allows me to say when I am ready. The ladies in the office are always kind and gentle. I can’t say enough what a good dentist he is. I don’t feel lectured like some other places. My whole family now uses him. They call you after hours after wisdom tooth removal, the best bed side manor and good dentist work, it’s rare to get both in one dentist.”

Shauna L.

“Finally, after 25 years of going to the dentist I FINALLY find one that I like.. Dr. Lann. Anyone out there have wisdom teeth? Do you enjoy being harassed by your dentist every time you visit about removal?? Well, Dr. Lann still has his wisdom teeth and he didn’t’ bother me at all about mine.. He is THE first dentist in 25 years that didn’t repeatedly nag me about this.. Also, the hygienist that did my cleaning was very professional, very competent and nice. I actually received actually what I asked for, got billed for only what I asked for, and left happy. Seems like something easy, but NO dentist except for Dr. Lann seems to be able to accomplish this small feat. Also, my previous dentist had a huge list of things I HAD to get done.. life-threatening items that cost thousands.. Every visit to my last dentist was a battle between my checkbook and their profit and loss statement.. I am so glad I found Dr. Lann’s office :)”

Matt S.

“This is the best dentist I ever had! I had my teeth cleaned here. First, Dr. Lann’s office is a member of the Better Business Bureau, so that inspired confidence. Next, they use digital x-rays, which were so much easier for me, a layman, to understand when problem areas of my mouth were pointed out to me. The woman who cleans my teeth is caring. The great advice from the staff here turned my mouth from a catastrophe into a normal one — and prevented alot of unnecessary dental work! I went from horrible gums and quarterly appointments to great gums and semiannual appointments with nothing more than a teeth cleaning and excellent advice from the woman who cleaned my teeth.”


“Best dentist I have seen in my life. Very caring team of professionals. Highly recommend this great dentist.”


“Great dentist & great office staff. Highly recommended.”


Patients’ Choice Award (2011)

“There are none better than Dr. Lann. Dr. Lann is the most gentle, caring dentist I have ever seen. You will not be disappointed after seeing Dr. Lann.”