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Dental erosion, injury, gum disease or decay can lead to an infection of your tooth’s innermost layer – the pulp. Your pulp contains the nerve endings, tissue and blood vessels of your tooth. If it becomes infected, the only way to save your tooth without extracting it would be to remove the pulp from your teeth by performing a root canal.

To see if a root canal is needed, Dr. John F. Lann will take a few x-rays to ascertain the health of the tooth and its pulp. If this is infected, he will perform a root canal as soon as possible.

Most root canal treatments require two appointments, though any discomfort caused by the infection should be gone after the first appointment. After assessing the extent of the infection, the damaged enamel will be removed so as to allow access to the damaged parts of the root. Once the infection is removed, the roots are replaced with a rubbery plug. Once completed, your tooth will be sealed with a temporary crown. Meanwhile an impression will be taken of your mouth, which will be sent to a dental lab so that they can create a permanent crown. During your second visit, the temporary crown is removed and the permanent crown will be anchored in its place.

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