A Dental Crown Restoration Might Be Needed for a Tooth with a Missing Filling

Dental fillings are created from special materials like metallic amalgam, composite resin, gold alloys, or a special type of porcelain-ceramic. They are secured to the surrounding tooth enamel with a bond that is meant to last many long years. However, some forms of oral trauma and complications from chronic poor... Read more »

Oral Health Care Highlights: Water Flossers

To ensure you receive the oral health care you need, it is important to always exercise caution with the products you are using. In some cases, traditional tools such as toothbrushes and threaded floss may not work as intended. As an alternative, consider using interdental cleaning tools, such as water... Read more »

Benefits You Can Expect From Dental Bridges

Would you like a solution to replacing missing teeth? If so, our dentist may recommend learning more about dental bridges. Please check today’s blog about several reasons why a patient may benefit from dental bridges. First, dental bridges are typically used to replace any gaps in a patient’s smile. It... Read more »

Is a Dental Implant Right for Your Smile?

If you are self-conscious of the gap in your smile due to a damaged tooth being extracted, we encourage you to visit John F. Lann, DDS - Round Rock TX Dentist to discuss receiving dental implants. It’s important to restore a missing tooth because gaps in your smile can weaken... Read more »

Post-Extraction Care

Dental technology has made great strides over the years. In fact, dentists can save many teeth that in the past would have needed to be removed. But from time to time, an extraction may be necessary. For example, if your tooth has been damaged by trauma or decay to the... Read more »

Maintaining Healthy Gums Will Help Reduce Discomfort After a Braces Adjustment

Your new orthodontic braces represent an effective method for correcting the alignment of your teeth. This is done by attending routine adjustment appointments at Dr. John F. Lann’s orthodontic clinic. Each of these sessions is designed to tighten the orthodontic hardware to gradually stretch the periodontal ligaments that anchor your... Read more »

What Happens When Your Braces Come Off

After many months, and maybe even a few years, the day will come when it is time to remove your braces. Removing your braces will be done in a single appointment, and it is a relatively quick process. You will probably be pleasantly surprised by the release of the pressure... Read more »

Follow These Tips to Prevent Needing Dentures

Dentures, sets of fake teeth, are worn by many of our patients. And while false teeth are an awesome option if you are missing your natural chompers, a number of our patients have let us know that they’re unhappy they let their pearly whites get to the point of needing... Read more »

Protect Your Back Teeth With Dental Sealants

Your back teeth, which are your premolars and molars are equipped with grooves and ridges that help you to chew your food and prepare it for digestion. However these same grooves and ridges provide hiding places for the plaque and bacteria that can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Your... Read more »

Root Canals Can Rescue Your Teeth

Dental erosion, injury, gum disease or decay can lead to an infection of your tooth’s innermost layer - the pulp. Your pulp contains the nerve endings, tissue and blood vessels of your tooth. If it becomes infected, the only way to save your tooth without extracting it would be to... Read more »