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To ensure you receive the oral health care you need, it is important to always exercise caution with the products you are using. In some cases, traditional tools such as toothbrushes and threaded floss may not work as intended. As an alternative, consider using interdental cleaning tools, such as water flossers, to replace your dental floss.

If you have previous oral health care treatments and procedures in place on your teeth, dental floss may not be able to function as intended. Water flossers can clean gaps where dental floss cannot always reach. Several treatments to consider using water flossers for include orthodontic aligners, dentures, dental crowns, and bridges.

Interdental cleaners such as water flossers are very easy to use and are often considered easier to use than traditional threaded floss is. This is because water flossers use a steady beam of water directly onto your teeth rather than threaded floss. Water flossers have also been shown to effectively rinse away plaque and buildup just as well as dental floss can.

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