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If you are self-conscious of the gap in your smile due to a damaged tooth being extracted, we encourage you to visit John F. Lann, DDS - Round Rock TX Dentist to discuss receiving dental implants. It’s important to restore a missing tooth because gaps in your smile can weaken the jawbone. Dr. John F. Lann offers professional insight into the nature and benefits of dental implants.

Because dental implants can only be removed by a dental professional, they become a permanent fixture of your smile and allow you to enjoy fruits and vegetables that dentures can’t handle. Dental implants enable a healthy diet for the benefit of both jaw and body health and give you a lifetime of use with your jaw.

Because dental implants are secured directly into the bone, they keep the bone healthy. The jaw begins to deteriorate and decay over time without a tooth to keep it healthy, but with the help of a dental implant the jaw can fuse with the implant and improve the strength of the bone.

You are welcome to contact our dental office at 512-255-1025 today to learn more about dental implants in Round Rock, Texas, and determine if they are the right dental restoration for your smile. Our doctor, Dr. John F. Lann, would love to help you achieve a healthier and stronger smile with dental implants.