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Cosmetic bonding restores the enamel, appearance and function of a tooth that has been chipped, cracked or fractured. The resin bonding can sometimes do the same job as a filling to effectively seal the damaged enamel before tooth decay can lead to further damage.

While the bonding resin is not subject to tooth decay, you will still need to brush and floss the tooth to prevent decay in the surrounding enamel and prevent gum disease.

The resin material from the bonding can be perfectly color matched to the natural enamel of your tooth. For the first 36 to 48 hours after the bonding procedure you should stay away from staining foods, beverages and tobacco use as it could affect the color as the resin cures and hardens.

Even once the resin is hardened it will not stain the same way your natural enamel does. So if you do use tobacco on a regular basis, or enjoy foods and drinks that are prone to causing staining, you may want to ask your dentist about teeth whitening options. In time your natural enamel could be so deeply stained that it no longer matches the resin.

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