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Are dental crowns healthy for your smile? This question is often raised about any artificial material that is placed in our mouths. With dental crowns, a material is used to completely cover your teeth, one tooth per crown. However, questions arise as to whether they are safe enough to use for the rest of our lives.

Studies have shown that the materials in dental crowns are completely safe for our smiles and can even provide many benefits for our mouths well beyond just protecting a damaged tooth. Dental crowns are also excellent options to restore the beauty of your teeth. Because crowns are customizable, the size, shape, and color you desire can be adjusted to effectively mimic the look of natural teeth.

Dental crowns are also extremely beneficial for functionality. In some instances, bits of teeth can no longer function as intended for chewing and eating food. Dental crowns can take damaged teeth, even bits of damaged teeth, and restore them to their proper functionality. With dental crowns, many of the foods you may have had to stop eating as the result of damaged teeth can now be enjoyed once again.

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