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If you’ve allowed a cavity too go too long without repair the decay will continue to spread deep and deeper into the tooth. Given enough time the decay can infect the pulp and root of the tooth. When this happens you will likely feel pain and extreme sensitivity issues in the tooth. At this stage of decay, you’re also at serious risk of developing and abscess or a pocket of infection deep in your gums.

In a case like this, a John F. Lann, DDS - Round Rock TX Dentist dentist will likely recommend a root canal be performed to excise the infected material. Once this is done your dentist will use a material known as gutta percha to completely rebuild the missing structures. This leaves behind a post-like abutment that is suitably strong enough to anchor a crown.

At the end of the appointment your dentist will create a detailed impression of the abutment and all the surrounding teeth. A temporary crown is secured over the abutment, then the impression is sent to our dental lab.
The temporary crown will protect the abutment while the dental lab prepares your permanent crown. Once it is ready, you will need to come back into our office for a brief appointment to have it cemented in place.

If you have a badly decayed tooth, you shouldn’t hesitate to call John F. Lann, DDS - Round Rock TX Dentist’s offices in Round Rock, Texas at 512-255-1025 to schedule an appointment.