Living comfortably and pain free is something that everyone deserves. Patients with TMJ disorders, migraines, or headaches are suffering with pain that is not necessary. Our dentist and team provide headache treatment that does not depend on medication. To treat Dentomandibular Sensorimotor Dysfunction, Dr. John F. Lann utilizes TruDenta® in Round Rock, Texas. This treatment combines well-established sports rehabilitation therapy with dentistry!

TruDenta is a system that diagnoses and treats headaches, migraines, face or jaw pain, and TMJ disorders. Using TruDenta, our dentist will take a series of pain-free tests to locate the source of your pain. Our T-Scan technology will locate any imbalances in your jaw joints and the way it functions. Using these scans, a digital 3D model of the way the forces in your jaw are distributed is made. Our dentist will also perform a Range of Motion Analysis to see if your head and neck are moving in a healthy manner. Any irregularities are noted. A personalized treatment plan will be formulated to resolve your migraine and headache pain. The results will be long lasting. TruDenta uses a whole-body therapy that combines ultrasound, cold laser, microcurrent, and trigger point manipulation techniques.

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